WDS F-series

Heating element butt welding machines for mobile use

WDS Baustellenmaschinen
WDS Baustellenmaschinen

For welding pipes and moulded parts made of PE/PP/PA * from d 20 mm - 3500 mm

Our F-series construction site welding machines combine experience, functionality, robustness for daily construction site use and a high degree of mobility and flexibility.

In addition to a compact hydraulic control unit, the hydraulic machines from d 50 - d 1600 have a basic machine with removable external clamping ring for easy clamping of short fittings. This makes the machines ideally suited for use in confined construction site conditions. Larger dimensions from d 2000 to a 3500 are designed and manufactured on customer request

The heating elements of the F series comply with DVS 2208 and are equipped with high-quality control units and non-stick coatings, optionally also with easily replaceable non-stick coverings for larger wall thicknesses.

The robust planer units are equipped with high-torque drives and safety interlocks as well as high-quality blades that can be used on both sides. This ensures a long service life and low spare parts requirements.

The compact and lightweight hydraulic units are operated via a sensitive hand lever valve, enabling easy-to-regulate welding processes. The integrated pressure accumulator dampens pressure drops during the welding cycle and reduces the need for readjustment. Reducing pieces in various designs for all common pipe types and dimensions as well as an extensive range of accessories and tools are also available.

*Other plastics on request

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